FordPass™ in Toronto, ON

Thanks to advances in smart technology, you can now interact with your Ford vehicle like never before. The FordPass™ smartphone app allows you to stay connected to your vehicle from wherever you happen to be. Not only that, it offers you exclusive rewards, easy access to service and more.

FordPass™ Features

Interact with your vehicle without ever stepping out of the house. Remote start your car, lock or unlock your doors, get a reminder where you parked, get reports on your vehicle’s health, and call for roadside assistance - all from your smartphone.

EV Vehicles

If you’re driving all-electric, FordPass™ connects you to the BlueOval™ charge network and can assist with EV trip planning. Find nearby charging stations, monitor your charging, and manage your settings.


The FordPass™ app can connect you with Ford’s team of experts via phone call or live chat. Get help, when you need it.

Wi-Fi Connection

FordPass™ can be used to turn your Ford vehicle into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect up to 10 different devices, and keep you and your passengers online wherever your adventures take you.

FordPass™ Rewards

Use your FordPass™ app to earn membership rewards! Use your points toward service discounts, and accessories.