Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection in Toronto, ON

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape requires regular service, to ensure everything is still in working order. Usually, when something goes wrong, it’s pretty obvious, but there are many smaller issues with a vehicle which might not be noticed without a closer look. This is why it’s recommended that you get your vehicle a thorough, multi-point inspection, usually once every year or two, so we can determine if there’s a problem with any part or system. However, you may be curious exactly what it is we look at during that inspection. The service team here at Downtown Ford is more than happy to walk you through what gets examined whenever your vehicle gets a multi-point inspection.

What Gets Examined In a Multi-Point Inspection?

We go through a pretty exhaustive list, checking everything to make sure it’s all in optimal working order:
Battery: We take a look at your battery health, ensuring it’s free of corrosion, and outputting correctly.
Engine: The engine is examined to make sure the air filter and drive belts are still in good condition, and not in need of replacement.
Fluids: All fluid levels and quality are examined to make sure they’re topped off, not in need of replacement, and that there are no leaks. This includes engine oil and coolant, as well as transmission, brake, steering, and washer fluid.
Brakes: Brake pads and rotors are looked at to make sure they aren’t worn out, and are applying the correct pressure needed to fully stop your vehicle.
Exhaust: The service team makes sure the exhaust system is working properly, and will also measure the vehicle’s emissions.
HVAC: The vehicle’s air conditioner, heater, and radiator will also get examined to make sure there are no leaks and are working properly. The cabin air filter is also examined to see if it’s time for a replacement.

Functions: The service team will press all the buttons to ensure they’re operating properly, including push-button start, power windows, locks, horn, and mirror adjustment.
Lights: We make sure all the lights are working properly on your vehicle, including high beams, turn signals, and brake lights.
Tires: All four tires are examined for wear on the tread, and to make sure the tire pressure is correct.
Windshield: Not only will the team examine the windshield to ensure there’s no damage that might require prompt attention, they’ll also take a look at the windshield wipers to make sure they haven’t worn down.
Underbody: We also take a good look under the vehicle to make sure everything is in working order, including steering and suspension.

When Do I Need a Multi-Point Inspection

At Downtown Ford, new and used vehicles have already been thoroughly inspected prior to your purchase. After that, it’s a good idea to get it thoroughly inspected once every year or two, just to make sure all the little things are still running properly. Remember, a small issue with a vehicle can cascade into a major problem if it’s not caught early!

Schedule Your Inspection with Downtown Ford

Has it been a while since your vehicle has had a thorough checkup? Maybe you think something minor might be wrong, and want the experts to do a deep dive to find out what it is? Either way, the Ford certified service team here at Downtown Ford in Toronto, ON is ready to help you, so book your next service appointment, today!