Summer Tire Swap in Toronto, ON

Winter tires are great for the cold weather months in Canada, but when the weather starts to turn, when should you be switching them out, and what tires are ideal for summer driving? You could go with all-season tires, which are adequate for year-round driving, or you might consider a set of high-performance summer tires to optimize your ride. Read more with the team at Downtown Ford in Toronto, ON, as we explain when you should be swapping out your winter wheels, and what you should switch them to.

Why Can’t I Leave On My Winter Tires?

What’s the problem with leaving winter tires on your vehicle year-round? Iit boils down to the way they’re engineered. Winter tires are made of softer rubber, which firms up in the colder temperatures. In warm conditions, it doesn’t react well to friction, and can wear out as much as 60 percent faster than regular tires. As such, we don’t recommend continuing to use your winter tires out of their intended season.




When Should I Swap My Winter Tires?

Once temperatures consistently rise above 7-degrees Celsuis, you should book yourself a tire swap as soon as you can. Not only can this help ensure your winter tires last longer, getting tires for the right season on your vehicle will help improve your handling and performance on spring, summer, and fall roads.




What Tires Are Best For The Summer?

A handy and versatile set of all-season tires won’t fail you. They’re adequate across most road conditions when the temperatures aren’t freezing. You could also invest in a set of summer performance tires. They’re a little more expensive, but they offer high-level performance, efficiency and braking on those nice summer drives.




Swap Your Tires at Downtown Ford

While you’re getting your tires swapped for the summer, you should also inquire about our tire storage service. We can keep your off-season tires safe in our secure, climate controlled facility. When it’s time to swap your tires, make Downtown Ford, in Toronto, ON, your first choice!