Summer Performance Tires in Toronto, ON

In Canada, winter tires are practically a necessity, and we all know the importance of getting them on our vehicle when it gets cold. But, did you know that there are tires specifically designed to give you incredible summer performance, too? Rather than all-season tires, you could get summer performance tires to experience a smooth ride like never before. Join the team here at Downtown Ford in Toronto, ON, as we explain the benefits of dedicated summer tires.

What Are Summer Tires?

All-season tires are great, jack-of-all-trades tires adequate for most driving conditions. Winter tires, naturally, are tuned for cold weather roads. Summer performance tires, however, are specifically designed for those warm summer roads. They’re manufactured with fewer grooves in the tread, allowing the rubber to make better contact with the pavement, and the rubber becomes more flexible in temperatures above 7 degrees for enhanced traction. Summer tires can improve fuel economy, and help with cornering and hard braking.




What About The Rain?

It rains in the summer, and summer performance tires are designed with that in mind! Those grooves in the tread may be minimal, but they’re very effective at pushing water away from the tire. This means the tires keep better grip on a wet road, and can even reduce the risk of hydroplaning on puddles.




When Do I Switch Them Out?

Just as soon as those temperatures start to dip below 7 degrees, it’s time to swap back to your winter tires. Cold temperatures harden the rubber in summer tires, which reduces their grip, and can even cause them to wear out faster. It’s safer to get them switched out as soon as you can.





Get Your Summer Tires at Downtown Ford

Here at Downtown Ford in Toronto, ON, we carry an assortment of all-season, winter, and summer tires for your Ford vehicle. We also offer tire storage for your off-season tires! Ask us about storing your tires in our secure, climate controlled facility, today!