Winter Tires in Toronto, ON

If you’ve been on the fence about getting winter tires, it might be time to seriously consider it. With the cold snaps we see in Ontario, you want to make sure your vehicle is as ready to face the winter roads as possible. With that in mind, let’s run down some common questions people have about getting winter tires.


When Should I Consider Getting Winter Tires?

As soon as temperatures dip to 7 degrees Celsius or below, your regular tires begin to lose their effectiveness. The cold hardens the rubber on all-weather and all-season tires, causing a loss of traction and stopping power. It’s advised you should be looking to get winter tires installed on your vehicle just as soon as it gets cold enough that you’d need a heavy coat.

What Do Winter Tires Do?

Winter tires are specially designed to offer better performance in the colder months, especially in areas which see significant ice and snow. This includes softer rubber, resulting in more flexibility in the cold, and a different type of tread which pushes snow away from the tire. They provide better traction for acceleration, and enhanced braking power, and can even offer better fuel efficiency over the winter.

Are There Other Benefits?

Getting winter tires can extend the life of your all-season or all-weather tires. Because you’re not using those tires for a portion of the year, they see less wear and tear. Likewise, your winter tires will last longer because you’re not using them during the warmer months.

Are Winter Tires Mandated By Law?

Currently, the province of Ontario does not mandate winter tires in the winter months. At present, only the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec have laws in place requiring winter tires.

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Get Your Winter Tires at Downtown Ford

If you’ve decided the time is right for winter tires, our parts department is happy to help you find the right set. If you have a set but haven’t taken the time to get them installed yet, you can book an appointment with our service team and we’ll get you in as soon as possible to get your vehicle winter-ready.