Summer Accessories in Toronto, ON

Whether you’re heading out camping, or just looking to cruise down the highway in the sun, there’s no better way to enjoy the summer months than behind the wheel of your Ford. Before you set out, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is equipped for the season with genuine Ford accessories. Whether you’re hauling, towing, or headed off-road, we’ve got the right accessories, and the expertise to make sure they’re properly installed for you. Join the Downtown Ford team as we take a look at just a few of the options you might consider before your next summer adventure.

Racks and Carriers

There are a number of racks and carriers available for your Ford vehicle to help you load up your bikes, kayak, or even a little extra cargo before you hit the road. Additional racks can be securely mounted on the back, or the top of your Ford vehicle, ensuring whatever you’re taking with you makes the journey safely.

Bed and Cargo Accessories

If you have a cargo bed or trunk, there are plenty of options to help you organize and protect your gear, or even fit in a bit extra. Bed extenders can help you fit in a little extra, or secure longer cargo with the tailgate down. Tonneau covers can help protect cargo in your truck bed from the elements. Dividers and cargo nets are a great way to better organize and secure your luggage.


Towing Accessories

If you love to spend the summer outdoors, chances are you’re taking a camper or some off-road toys with you. Ford trucks and SUVs are capable vehicles, able to haul and tow with the best of them. You can get everything from trailer hitch assemblies, hitch wiring harnesses, hitch balls, mounts, and tow mirrors, all direct from Ford, ensuring the best fit and the smoothest transportation of your trailer possible.


No trailer? No problem. Turn your Ford into a tent so you can tow a trailer with your ATV instead! Tent racks are available for SUV, which affix to the top of the vehicle, or attach to the back extending the tent into your cargo space. Bed tents are also available for your Ford truck. If you aren’t looking to sleep in your vehicle, but could use a handy place to put on your swimsuit down by the beach, available privacy curtains can also turn your rear cargo space into a change room.

Shop Summer Accessories at Downtown Ford in Toronto, ON

We stock numerous accessories for your convenience, and can order anything you require which isn’t on hand. You can also trust our Ford certified service team to get your accessories attached to your vehicle properly in time for your next summer getaway.